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Windscreens & Privacy Screens For Fences

SuperScreen Fence Screens Adds Privacy, Security & A Reduction in Wind Turbulence To Your Tennis Court, Baseball Field Or Backyard Fence

Windscreen Solutions

Signature windscreen and privacy screen is the perfect addition to any facility. Whether you are looking to screen off or delineate areas, control wind, provide additional privacy and security, or to provide a neutral background for sports and other activities, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. From sportsplexes to construction sites and from important tournaments to your local park, Signature windscreen is the choice of prestigious organizations nationwide.

Choose from a variety of materials, weights, weaves, textures, colors and sizes to create the perfect look at your facility. Match team colors, event themes, and architectural elements to add a more personalized and individual look. For more customized applications, we offer options such as air vents, wind flaps, custom grommet spacing and team logos.

About SuperScreen™

Our SuperScreen windscreen and privacy screen is the perfect choice for tennis courts, outfield fencing, work areas, storage sites, bleachers, and anywhere a durable and high quality screening material is required.

Depending on your requirements, we can help you choose the right shade percentages, airflow, and tear strength to meet your needs. We carry standard 5ft, 6ft and 9ft heights, which are cut and finished to your desired length.

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Of course, we can manufacture custom heights and include unique options depending on your requirements. All

SuperScreen material is UV protected and designed to withstand the elements. SuperScreen comes complete with a 1 1/2" wide, reinforced black hem.

Simply fasten our windscreen to your fence with standard zip or wire ties. For all windscreens 6ft or more in height, a standard lacing lip will be sewn horizontally at the center of the screen along the entire length, offering greater stability and wind resistance.

Each screen is ready for installation with pre-inserted brass tooth grommets spaced 18" apart.

Call us for custom windows, cutouts, or wind flaps or to find our more about our multi-colored windscreen options.

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SuperScreen is finished with brass tooth grommets and a reinforced back hem

We even have multi-colored windscreens available
to spice up your facility and to set you apart from
the crowd. Call on Signature Fencing for all your
windscreen and privacy screen needs.

We can provide custom heights,
cut outs, windows or wind flaps

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