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Traffic Barriers & Water Filled Barricades

The Superior Alternative To Heavy Concrete Barricades

About WaterCade™

Our WaterCade traffic barriers are in widespread use at airports, public works departments, police departments, construction sites, and other facilities. Use these water-filled barriers to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic and to provide a visible perimeter and security barrier. Each interlocking barrier can be ballasted with water, providing additional wind resistance.

We offer a complete line of water-filled barricades for most applications.
Choose the WaterCade best suited for your needs:

WC01 - For Airports & High-Wind Conditions
WC02 - For Traffic Safety & Construction
WC03 - For Multi-Purpose Use

WC01 - Low-Profile Barricade

For Airport Use and High-Wind Conditions

Designed especially for use at airports and landing fields for aircraft traffic control and area delineation, the WC01 is made of hi-density polyethylene.

The WC01 is a low-profile barricade that is available in two heights - WC01-10: 10”H x 96”L x 10”W and WC01-24: 24”H x 96”L x 14”W. It is FOD free, jet-blast tested, light and compatible with stanchions to create a Type III barricade. WC01-10 weighs 28 lbs. empty; filled to capacity (22.5 gallons) it weighs 260 lbs. WC01-24 weighs 37 lbs. empty; filled to capacity it weights 785 lbs.

The WC01 is stackable and is simple to transport and store. Optional reflective striping is available. Accessory solar-powered flashing warning lights are available.

For airport use, choose WC01 (approved for purchase with AIP funds). Our unique connector allows the WC01 water-filled barriers to be bolted together to form a jet-blast resistant and vandal-proof wall.


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Designed for airport use, the low-profile
height will not obstruct jet wings and are
resistant to high-winds.

WC-01-10 with optional reflective striping and solar lights.

WC-01 is ideal for area delineation at an airport.

Choose the WC-01-24 for added
height and capacity.

WC02 - For Traffic Safety and Construction

Signature’s WC02 WaterCade barricade is designed especially for traffic control, traffic delineation, highway construction safety (visual guidance only) and highway area delineation. Made of rugged hi-density polyethylene, the WC02 is a practical, rapidly deployable and economical alternative to expensive concrete road barricades that are difficult to deploy and transport.

The WC02 will work in most traffic and highway conditions and applications. Tested and approved to prevent car rollovers (NCHRP-350), the WC02 can form a vandal-proof interlocking longitudinal wall in nearly any configuration and without additional hardware or parts. When empty the WC02 weighs 44lbs., allowing for manual and rapid deployment by one person. When filled to capacity (89 gallons), the WC02 weighs 760 lbs.

The modular design allows the barricades to assemble/disassemble quickly and to nest compactly for storage and transport. Accessory solar-powered flashing warning lights are available.

Meets the following specifications for Longitudinal Channelizing Barricades:

  • MUTCD specification 6F.66
  • NCHRP-350 Requirement
  • FHWA accepted

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WC02 is ideal for traffic safety and highway area delineation.


WC03 - Multi-Purpose Barricade for Construction, Security, Crowd and Event Control

Signature’s WC03 WaterCade barricade is ideal for perimeter delineation, crowd control, construction sites and parking areas. WC03 is extremely durable, but lighter and more easily deployed than concrete road barriers.

Typical deployments include security, gate access, traffic control approaches, standoff zones, perimeter/boundary lines, and hazardous material spills.

Made of high-impact, UV-resistant, polyethylene, the WC03 is 42” H x 72” L and when empty weighs only 100 lbs. allowing for simple transport and rapid manual deployment. When filled to capacity (153 gallons of water), the WC03 weighs in at a hefty 1,380 lbs. Accessory solar-powered flashing warning lights are available.

  • Can be set up to create an interconnected wall with no gaps.
  • Vandal-proof U-connector system has the capability of locking in such a manner that prevents repositioning once set up.
  • Available in approved OSHA safety colors - Yellow, Desert Tan, Orange, White, Olive Drab.
  • System provides structural integrity for anti-ramming.

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WC-03 weighs only 100 lbs empty, when filled it
weighs a hefty 1,380 lbs.

U-connector keeps barricades secure. Once
positioned, barricades are very difficult to move.

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