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Mesh Fencing & Construction Fences In Rolls

Choose From Our Wide Range Of Barrier Fences, Posts & Markers For Crowd Control & Security

Barrier Fencing, Posts & Markers

Signature Fencing manufactures and markets a wide range of barrier fencing, posts and markers for your various crowd control, security, and athletic needs. Whether you have a need for light crowd control, outfield fencing, or area demarcation, we are your one-stop-shop for fencing materials, posts, and markers.

About PolyBarrier™

Signature's PolyBarrier™ is durable, weather resistant, chemical resistant and contains UV inhibitors to increase product life. It comes in attractive green for a more visually pleasing look, or standard orange for any application.

PolyBarrier is an extruded, polymeric mesh grid that transports in rolls and installs quickly using wooden, plastic, or metal posts and zip or wire ties. Rolls can be easily cut to meet exact size requirements and sections will contour to meet varying terrain.

Signature's Sure Post ground stake system allows for easy mounting and placement of fencing rolls. White, UV-protected posts are safe, attractive and durable and have pre-drilled mounting holes to accomodate zip or wire ties.

PolyBarrier Benefits:

  • Variety of weights and colors for differing applications
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Rolls compactly for easy transport and storage
  • Resists weather and chemicals
  • UV Protected for longer life

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Use PolyBarrier as outfield fencing, event fencing, or for general crowd control and security at any location

PolyBarrier is ideal as a warning barrier at construction sites and special events.

Perfect for fairs and festivals


About Roll-A-Fence™

Roll-a-Fence is a high quality knitted Polyethylene mesh that is perfect for outfield fencing, outdoor special events, races, and tournaments. Each 150ft long x 48” high roll can be fastened to your own post or to our Economy Post or SurePost. Choose from a wide array of colors to meet your needs.

Close-up of Roll-A-Fence

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Roll-A-Fence is an attractive and low-cost outfield
and special event fencing option

Roll-A-Fence fastens easily to Sure Post

About SurePost™

The Signature SurePost is perfect for mounting PolyBarrier, or as a low cost hazard marker and guidepost at your facility or next event. The secret to SurePost is its unique rope and fence attachment cap and sleeves, which accommodate both standard braided rope and a variety of plastic and woven fencing materials. Moveable post sleeves can be adjusted to varying heights and can be used to increase tension when installing PolyBarrier or other mesh materials. Post sleeves accommodate various rope configurations, allowing for maximum flexibility. Each post is manufactured using a UV protected, weather resistant and shatterproof HDPE material.

Depending on your requirements choose the base attachment that best meets your needs. Our ground socket attachment is ideal for applications where repetitive installation and removal of your post is required. Simply leave the SurePost ground sleeves in place for easy reinstallation of your posts at a future date. Choose between our metal and plastic pound-in stake options depending on the ground surface and your specific needs.

SurePost Benefits:

* Durable, UV protected and weather resistant
* Easy to install and remove
* Adjustable sleeve tensioning system
* Multiple staking systems
* Easy to use rope/mesh connection system

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Use 48" SurePost to control crowds and delineate areas

PolyBarrier and Roll-A-Fence mount easily to SurePost
60" SurePost is perfect for outfield fencing, barrier fencing,
and event fencing

60" SurePost connects at three points for greater
tensioning and stability

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